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Free Adult Dates Online

Tips for Dating Online

For most of you, online dating is something that you might be attempting due to the lack of time or sheer desperation of finding someone who complements you perfectly. The following article will give you a brief idea of how you should approach dating over the internet. The article will give you a wide variety of tips; from Do’s and Don’ts to safety precautions. I will take you through the entire process in steps:

Step 1: Meeting Someone Online

- Be Wary: When you are talking to someone for the first time, avoid giving out personal information like your phone number and address. In fact, if you’ve decided to meet each other don’t ask them to pick you up from your house. You never know what type of pervert this person could turn out to be.

- Be Yourself: If you pretend to be someone you’re not, things could get very messy. Try being your own unique self. Charm the other person with intelligent conversation and wit.

Step 2: The First Date

- Be In Control: No matter where you go, avoid getting tipsy. Stay in control. If you’re enjoying yourself thoroughly, try having something that doesn’t have alcohol in it. Alcohol can lead you into becoming something you might not want the other person to discover just as yet.

- Clean Up and be Punctual: Never forget to have a bath before your first date and always be there on time (preferably slightly earlier). You don’t need to be fancily dressed or bathed in perfume to be liked. It’s the small things like being there to open the door for her that will be noticed. Remember, it is the first time you are meeting this person. You don’t want them to think you’re unhygienic or not punctual.

- Pay Attention to your date: Never stare or gawk at your date but simply pay attention to their every word. A good listener is always appreciated. And make sure your cellphone doesn’t interrupt your date no matter how big a workaholic you might be.

- Be prepared: Always keep a list of non-controversial topics ready at the back of your mind. Conversation is vital for a first date. Be confident and witty in what you say but never make the other person feel that it is only you who is doing all the talking. Try asking questions and taking the other persons suggestions and opinions.

- Don’t be a pig: Eating as if you’ve never seen food is a definite no-no.

Step 3: Wrapping it Up

- Pay for the meal (For males specifically): Always offer to pay for the meal, it is a sign of a true gentleman. However never push the other person. If she insists on splitting the bill, let her.

- Taking them home: This depends purely on how the date went. Ask the other person if they want to be dropped home. But never pressurize them. Leave it as an option.

- The Goodnight kiss: Again, this depends entirely on how your date went. If there is a significant amount of physical interaction and the other persons body language clearly indicates that they are interested, give them a goodnight kiss. Mind you, it should only be a peck.

- Ask if you’d like to meet again: If you feel the date was a hit, tell them you’ll give them a call soon. But only if you actually intend to. If not, just tell them you had a nice time.

If you follow these tips, your first online dating experience might turn out to be one that you will cherish! You never know how you’ll meet your soul mate and if you haven’t found that perfect person yet, this method might prove to be your ideal solution.

Flirting Online: Do it right!

If you are new to online flirting and find yourself overwhelmed by the idea, then you have come to the right place for help!

The truth is that the same tactics work for online flirting that work in real life. All successful relationships begin with flirting. Flirting is an art that requires a lot of confidence, but yet you must be careful that you don’t come across as an ass. If you unerringly go too far, she may label you ‘slimy’, and yet if you restrain yourself too much, she may label you ‘wimpy’. Your next question would be how to achieve that half way point online without any form of eye contact or body language.

All that you have at the moment is a computer with an internet connection, and your newly acquired membership to an online dating site… right?

Along with that, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  1. Enjoy yourself! Be light-hearted, funny and amusing. Entertain her, make her eager to talk to you again. Flirting is playful.
  2. Ooze confidence. Successful ‘flirts’ have a very positive outlook on life. You need to spread the ‘feel good’ factor. An optimistic attitude attracts females like nobody’s business.
  3. Compliment her… make sure that you do it often, and that you do it sincerely. Nothing opens doors like making her feel good about herself. She will start wanting to spend more time with you. You must remember that if she pays you a compliment, say “thank you”. Never be self depreciating.
  4. Listen…listen….listen. Pay attention to what she says and ask her appropriate questions. Get her to open up to you and really talk about herself. Make her feel like she is interesting and that you are interested in her. (I do hope that you are actually interested in her.)
  5. Never be rude. Flirting does not include being sexually explicit, nor does it include taking offence if the woman isn’t reacting to what you’re saying. If she isn’t interested in you, then take the hint and move on to your next prospect. If you get a lot of rejections one after the other, you should probably consider a different approach.
  6. Send an email after you chat. This ranks right up there with sending a ‘thank you note’ for a gift, and it is vital for being successful at flirting.

The last thing is that you must not try to go too fast. Flirting is the first step to a successful relationship, and you will invariably find that it is worth the wait.